There’s such a thing as going too far

Whilst searching for power MOSFETs to build a H-bridge, I noticed this 12V microwave oven for in-car use. And whilst the thought of solar-powered cooking did cross my mind briefly, I had to reject it as being ultimately rather impractical. It needs 20 amps even on its low power setting, which is enough to cane one of my 8Ah batteries in 24 minutes.

If I wanted hot food while out and about, I’d be more inclined to consider a Coleman stove. This one is powered by unleaded petrol. It’s well worth the initial investment; petrol works out cheaper in the long run than butane canisters (not to mention there being several different, incompatible types), and is more widely available.

Or if I just wanted to heat up a Cornish pasty, I’d probably wrap it in foil and stick it in the engine compartment!

One Response to “There’s such a thing as going too far”

  1. When I suggested similar to a snack delivery driver who comes past the Fabulous Photo Gifts workshop – she wasn’t too impressed.

    My mum – down in Cambridge has trouble with rats gnawing through her cars wiring loom in the night – must be the warm air off of the engine.

    I’ve heard of cats hitching a lift under the bonnet – toasty or what?

    We used a Petrol stove in the Scouts – fantastic heat – we tested a cup of water against a paraffin primus stove, a gas one and a trangea? (methylated spirits) – the petrol had us brewed and stewed before the others had even reached boiling point as i remember.