A New Addition to the Blogroll

BBC reporter Chris Jeavans is embarking on an ambitious project: to see if she can spend a month without buying any disposable plastic items, including packaging — that’s right, she isn’t even going to buy anything with a plastic over-wrap. Re-usable plastic (e.g. food containers) is O.K. though.

Most of the negative response has been from smart-arses trying to point out that computer keyboards &c. are made of plastic — yes, but you don’t throw a keyboard away after typing one document, do you? (I bet I am going to hear from somebody who does exactly that now.)

I say good luck to her. She’s linked on my Blogroll. You can read the initial story here and the blog here.

3 Responses to “A New Addition to the Blogroll”

  1. Blue Rizla Girl says:

    This little gem has surfaced on the blog:

    He confirmed that plastic sheets and bags had been in use for at least 20 years but said that he would still sometimes wrap a joint in paper.

    I always wrap my joints in paper. Plastic doesn’t burn properly and gives me a headache.

  2. AJS says:

    *giggle* Thanks for that and welcome to the blog, BRG. May I call you that?

    Anyway, just for a bit of phun, let’s open a book on how many comments everyone thinks this entry (it’s about m**t packaging, if you hadn’t guessed) will attract before the first militant vegan comment appears?

  3. AJS says:

    OK, it was Comment no. 7. Which took all of 4 hours, 32 minutes to appear.

    Well done bazza_12. I hope you checked beforehand that Chris Jeavans is neither coeliac nor taurase-deficient.